Adopt a Teacher

Introducing a brand new Love, Dani Kindness Campaign: Adopt a Teacher!

As you know, teachers have a very special place in my heart. Teaching is quite literally the profession that creates all other professions, and I genuinely believe teachers are true angels on earth. They’re real-life superheroes.

And lately, teachers have been asked to do the unimaginable. They’ve had the rug pulled out from under them and have had to adapt to online teaching at the drop of a hat, many with little to no training or preparation. On top of that, they’ve abruptly lost the in-person contact and bond they’ve had with their students, all at the crucial time when they should be building end-of-the-year memories that last a lifetime.

Strong, trusting relationships are at the core of any classroom and are foundational to the social-emotional development of students. So how can we help teachers maintain these relationships with their students during a time when we need to physically distance without emotionally distancing? We adopt them!

In the Adopt a Teacher program, supporters are able to purchase bundles of postcards (postage stamps included!) to be gifted to teachers across our country. Those teachers, in turn, will be able to add hand-written notes of encouragement and positivity to each student and send the postcards in the mail! We know that receiving mail makes people smile and feel loved. When students hear from their teachers, it helps provide them with a sense of comfort and consistency amid the disruptions caused by sudden school closings.

Won’t you join me in taking care of the amazing humans who take care of our nation's youngsters every single day? Together, we can make a big difference for so many teachers and their students!